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100020 Archery Glove Easy

100020 Archery Glove Easy


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Machs zu Deinem! Verpasse Deinem Equipment eine persönliche Gravur.

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Product description

NEW: Personalize your equipment with an engraving! The perfect opportunity to give yourself or your loved ones a special treat.

For the perfect introduction to archery.

The archery glove Easy from the Basic collection is the perfect equipment when it comes to getting into archery. The main material of the glove is made of a very soft, high quality and REACH-compliant goat leather. Goat leather has no fat deposits and is therefore very robust. At the same time, the goat leather remains extremely supple and light. The tips were rounded off with the textile "Cordura". Cordura is a very robust and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric. The slightly roughened surface gives a pleasant feel. It has a quick drying and water repellent finish, so moisture rolls off. Both materials provide a nice wearing comfort and a good feel with the string. The archery glove is best suited for beginners. But also experienced archers have made a very good choice with the archery glove.

Our leather and textile products are handmade in Pakistan. The consistent top quality and working conditions on site are non-negotiable for BEARPAW. Employees receive insurance for themselves and their families and all receive a secure income through permanent employment. The salary of the local employees is three times higher than the average for this region. Each employee has been carefully selected - they are true experts in their field. This is very noticeable in the high-quality workmanship, consistent quality as well as a noble appearance of the products.

In our leather and textile collection, we pay special attention to the selection and sourcing of materials. To bring sustainable, high-quality and well-designed products to the market, we use only "REACH-compliant" materials. REACH-compliant products and articles are those that meet all the conditions of the EU Chemicals Regulation. For all materials, we try to source locally and consider short transport distances. Furthermore, our partner in Pakistan is "B Corp" and "BSCI" certified! "B Corp" is an international certificate with which the non-profit organization "B Lab" awards companies for their social and environmental impact. The aim of "BSCI" is to improve working conditions worldwide. A specific code of conduct must be adhered to within the supply chain. 

The right thread makes the difference: The seams of our products are processed with "German Gütermann thread". This is no coincidence, as this thread is particularly tear resistant. Each product is embossed by hand. We emboss with precisely milled brass embossing dies. The embossing process works with pressure and heat, and each leather, each product must be treated differently. Did you know that all colors match across the entire leather and textile collection at BEARPAW? Black, darkbrown, honeybrown, or beige - each product is a match. 

Want to know why our leather and textile collection is the best the archery industry has to offer? Here you will find all the details.

Quick look at the product information:
  • Model: Classic 3-finger archery glove
  • Colors: Black, Honeybrown, Beige
  • View size chart here
  • Materials: Plain leather (goat) REACH-compliant (skin friendly) & Cordura
  • Recommendation: Especially for beginners, but also for experienced archers

Notes on engraving:

  • You can engrave a maximum of 14 letters.
  • The images are all only exemplary (original may vary).
  • Please note that all engraved products are excluded from exchange.

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Our why

Nearly all of the significant decisions we make are built on a strong "why. Our "why" for the creation of a Special Leather and Textile Collection has a clear and uncompromising headline: Timeless top quality. We have the privilege to live in a time where a lot of good things are already there. One or the other may still be discovered. We discover this phenomenon every day at BEARPAW PRODUCTS. In 2020, our journey began around the creation of a Special Leather and Textile Collection. Many aspects, among others, not directly related to the product itself, were allowed to be improved, challenged and rethought. So it was our starting point to search for many hidden potentials that were waiting to be discovered.

The creation of this collection is a clear statement against the trend, which we observe every day. Every month the same product copies of one quality or another appear on the market. Some copies are good, some are worse, some are more colorful and some are just the same. On our journey, we quickly became aware of one thing: On the way from diversity to top quality, one aspect is missing: sustainability.

Leather collection


Our products are manufactured in Pakistan. There we have the best partner on hand that we can imagine. Our partner in Karachi attaches great importance to consistent quality and good working conditions for the employees. The employees in the production have working hours of 8 hours and have the possibility to take enough breaks. Furthermore, our partner takes care of insurances for the employees and their families, all of them receive a secured income through employment. All these aspects may be taken for granted by many of us. However, this is an absolute peculiarity: In Pakistan, working conditions are characterized by low occupational safety, low wages and a lack of co-determination rights in the companies.

Leather collection

100% Handmade

Each of our products is made by hand. Whether it's a archery glove, an armguard or a quiver, behind every product there is a person who carries out his work with love and passion.

Leather collection


In our leather and textile collection, we place a particularly high value on the selection and sourcing of materials. On one hand, the right use of materials should be sustainable, and on the other hand, top quality should be guaranteed. To bring sustainable, high-quality, and well-designed products to the market, we use only "REACH-compliant" materials. Our partner is also "B Corp" and "BSCI" certified!

  • B-Corp

    "B Corp" is an international certificate awarded by the non-profit organization "B Lab" to companies for their social and environmental impact.


    Products that meet all the conditions of the EU Chemicals Regulation are considered REACH-compliant. We try to use as many natural materials as possible.

  • BSCI

    The aim of "BSCI" is to improve working conditions worldwide. A specific code of conduct must be observed within the supply chain.


Leather collection

How is the leather tanned?

Many people have the belief that chrome tanning basically means something bad. We can counter this statement, at least when it comes to the processing of the leather products of our special collection.

REACH-compliant materials are always tanned exclusively with "chrome III".

"The use of chrome III has a history of over 150 years in the leather industry. In addition, the trivalent form of chromium is considered an essential trace element that the human body needs in small amounts. It helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins, so it is included in many dietary supplements. Chromium III is naturally present in many foods, such as bread yeast, meat, potatoes, cheese, molasses, spices, whole grain bread, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables." (Source: Lederakademie).

The use of "Chromium III" in our leather is therefore considered harmless to health and does not cause any problems for the vast majority of people. For this reason, we can declare our leather products as skin-friendly with a clear conscience.

How do I find the right glove size?

Within our collection you will find a uniform size chart. However, there may always be minimal deviations due to handmade. To find out the right size, use our size chart. Simply measure your hand and find the right size based on the data.

Which product can I engrave & where?

In our leather collection you can only engrave leather products. Textile products cannot be engraved. Your personal engraving will be applied to the following places:

  • Archery glove: Every archery glove will be engraved on the outside of the strap.
  • Armguard: Almost every armguard will be engraved on top and centered. Exceptions are: Easy Long and Easy Short (check the item to see the location).
  • Quiver: Almost every quiver is engraved on the bottom and centered. Exceptions are: Side Quiver Light, Side Quiver Easy Kids, Side Quiver Mountain, Holster Quiver Wood, Side Quiver Easy and Side Quiver Basic (look at the item to see the position).

Do all the colors match?

In our collection you will find a uniform color concept. You can combine your Basic glove with a Traditional quiver in the same colors - your products will always match! Did you know that the uniform dyeing of natural materials is a great challenge? Nevertheless, using exact color values, minimal deviations may occur, especially with lighter shades (e.g. beige). This is a natural occurrence: different materials process colors differently.

Why are these products more expensive than the others?

Should you choose a product from the new leather collection, you are definitely doing something good - not only for yourself, but also for other people. There are various factors, e.g. higher salaries, insurances, high quality materials and much more, which contribute to the price. But one thing is clear: the price is fair for a very good leather product.

Questions? Just leave us a message!