Profile - Michaela

Steckbrief - Michaela

Michaela was born and raised in Munich, Germany, and her love for nature is reflected in all of her activities. Whether exploring alone in the woods or on a 3D course with bow in hand, nature is her constant companion.

1. Since when has she been shooting bows and how did it come about?

2 1/2 years ago Michaela discovered archery. This fascinating hobby was awakened by the idea of her boyfriend. Together they purchased two used bows and started shooting at homemade targets in their own backyard. Since then, she has developed a deep passion for archery.

2. What does archery give her?

Archery means much more to Michaela than just a hobby. It is a source of mindfulness and a form of meditation for her. The calm aiming and concentration on the perfect shot allow her to leave the stress of everyday life behind and find inner peace.

3. Why BEARPAW & Bodnik Bows?

The cooperation with Bodnik and Bearpaw is of special importance for Michaela. These brands were her first contact with archery, and she appreciates the quality and the extensive offer, which is especially suitable for newcomers to archery. BEARPAW PRODUCTS stands for reliability and innovation in the archery market, which is a unique selling point for Michaela.

4. Michaela's Favorite Products

Michaela's favorite products from us are the Mohawk Hunter in Desert Camo, the Long Black 35 lbs limbs, the Pentalon Black Slimline shafts and Timber Slim Line. She appreciates the attractive design and quality of these products, which are perfect for her shooting experience. The FLSK bottle is another favorite product that accompanies her on her weekend trips to the outdoors.

5. Resume

Michaela is a nature lover and passionate archer who integrates mindfulness and meditation into her life through archery. Working with us allows her to deepen her passion while using high-quality products that support her archery skills.

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