Our Lisa in the interview

Unsere Lisa im Interview

She has been part of the BEARPAW family for so many years already and now after a little "break" she is finally back: Today we introduce you to our Lisa! In August 2023, you had the opportunity to send all your questions to Lisa on our social media channels. We have filtered out the most popular ones from our Q&A session and compiled all the information for you. Enjoy reading!

Your 10 most frequently asked questions

1. How did you get into archery and what fascinated you about this sport?

I got into it through my parents, I was just taken along. In the past there was no fascination or you don't have that as a child. Now I would say that it is something down to earth and takes you out of the fast moving times. 

2. What kind of bow do you prefer and why?

Definitely Recurve, I find the bow type simply optically more beautiful and since I am also not the largest, it fits better together. I also find shooting with recurve much smoother and more pleasant.

3. Can you tell us something about the equipment and accessories that you use and how you choose them?

I have the holster quiver with leg straps, I chose that because I like to have a quiver that has a tight fit. It also gives you additional stowage options. With glove and arm guard I always pay attention to the simple putting on, that they fit optically together and in the summer I have gladly rather light material (airy). Find all of Lisa’s favorites here.

4. Which technical aspects of archery are especially important for your success?

- Clean execution of shooting

- that I do not let myself be stressed

- Extremely good concentration

5. Is there a particular moment or competition in your career that you remember most? Why? 

For me it was a tournament in Kufstein, I was there with my father and my siblings. I still remember it so strongly because it was the first tournament with my siblings. I also remember the landscape very much. Even today I love being in the mountains.

6. How long have you been with BEARPAW PRODUCTS?

I have been with BEARPAW PRODUCTS since 2013, when I started my training as a foreign trade merchant. But even before that I have always helped out.

7. What does archery give you, what does it do for you?

Through the archery I come to deceleration and stress reduction.

8. What is your ultimate "hack" that you would like to share?

From my experience, the first shots are always too high. My tip is to always try to remember the height of the shot before and correct it down a bit on the next one.

9. What do you recommend to newbies and beginners who are enthusiastic about archery?

Don't put pressure on yourself, the hit comes instinctively and a sense of achievement comes sooner than you think! 

10. What are your key data: Height, extension length, pounds on your fingers, etc.?

  • 1.60m tall
  • 26 inch extension
  • With my custom Mingo then I have about 23/24 pounds on my fingers
  • Penthalon Slim line arrows, 1600 spine / 4” shield

A big thank you to Lisa...

... for your contagious enthusiasm for archery and for accompanying us on our journey for so many years! We hope that you can inspire more people with your fun-loving and positive nature for this great sport and look forward to everything that is yet to come!

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