Behind the scenes at BEARPAW

Hinter den Kulissen von BEARPAW

BEARPAW - Who and what is behind it?

We are often asked at BEARPAW: Do you only have people working for you who also do archery themselves? The answer to this question is very simple: Yes and no. If you want to know more about the team behind BEARPAW we will answer all your questions now.

But first: How did BEARPAW come into being?

BEARPAW PRODUCTS has existed since 1997, when the founders built a company out of an old apartment building that has shaped the traditional archery market worldwide. In 2019, a new chapter began at BEARPAW: Tim Beier saw the potential, bought the company and has been successfully running it. In doing so, Tim and the entire BEARPAW team are now going their very own and, above all, different way.

How did the BEARPAW team get into archery?

Many of our team members had already held a bow in their hands at a young age. That's probably why it was all about childhood memories for them when they joined the BEARPAW team. However, to pick up on the question above, there are also many members at BEARPAW who had no previous exposure to archery. In such cases, this has been an opportunity to get new people interested in the trendy sport and grow our BEARPAW community. To date, we haven't had a team member who didn't enjoy archery.

Fun Fact: At an internal team event, the entire BEARPAW team tried to shoot a big yellow balloon. Everyone lined up and had an equal chance. In addition to our newcomers to archery, there were also some professionals who have been around the sport for many years. What happened? Actually, no one hit and the big yellow balloon just flew away.

What drives the BEARPAW team?

The BEARPAW brand stands for adventure, nature and people - but what does that mean? What makes BEARPAW so special and why is archery worth pushing? We are all about giving people something to inspire them. We believe there is so much potential in archery to move people, connect with nature and provide balance. That's why we're always looking for the hidden potential, because through it we want to prove that nothing in life is impossible.

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