Das ist Dennis

Das ist Dennis

Our partners and their BEARPAW favorites: Dennis Ahrenhold

You've already seen them on our social media channels, but today we'd like to introduce you to our awesome partners and their BEARPAW PRODUCTS favorites. First up is Dennis Ahrenhold, a 28-year-old forester from the Harz Mountains who is passionate about archery and hunting. Learn more about his impressive story and his love for our products.

Dennis Ahrenhold: A portrait

  • Name: Dennis Ahrenhold
  • Age: 28 years
  • Profession: Forester
  • Preferred bow types: Hunting recurve and riding bows
  • Preferred draw weight: 50-55 lbs
  • Release: Thumb release with thumb ring  

    Passion for nature & archery

    Dennis Ahrenhold lives with his family in the picturesque Harz Mountains, where he spends every free minute in nature. He always has his bow and camera in his luggage. For hunting, he trades his bow for a rifle to fill the family freezer. The Ahrenholds don't buy any extra meat, but feed exclusively on what they kill themselves. Dennis' dream is to one day go hunting with a bow as well. To that end, he plans to obtain a European Bowhunting License so he can go stalking in countries where bowhunting is legal. Dennis became passionate about archery at a young age. He built spears and lightning bows with friends and acquired his first real bow when he was about 15. Since then, archery has become an integral part of his life. For Dennis, archery is a unique way to combine historical and modern elements.  

    BEARPAW PRODUCTS & the love of tradition

    What Dennis Ahrenhold appreciates about BEARPAW PRODUCTS is the perfect symbiosis of traditional and modern materials, combined in classic bows with contemporary features. An example of this is his Take Down bow, which thanks to the BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM is not only beautiful to look at, but also impresses in terms of performance. Dennis can easily stow the bow in his backpack, assemble it on site and get started right away. And no matter the rain, snow, or heat, his BLS bow always remains reliable and unfazed. Dennis' relationship with us didn't start with bows, though. Even before he purchased his first BEARPAW bow, he relied on our Penthalon arrow shafts. He was particularly taken with our Penthalon Traditional Black shafts - sleek, sturdy and precise, just the way he wants an arrow to be. Lately, Dennis has also had the pleasure of testing the Heavy Hunter shafts, which live up to their name. Thanks to their heavy weight and robust wall thickness, these shafts are unstoppable and give an impressive feeling when they hit their target.  


    Dennis Ahrenhold is not only an avid archer and hunter, but also a loyal fan of BEARPAW PRODUCTS. His love of the outdoors and tradition is reflected in his enthusiasm for these high-quality bows and arrow shafts. We are proud to have him as part of our community and look forward to more exciting adventures and stories from him.

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