BEARPAW Friends: Lou

BEARPAW Friends: Lou

At home with friends - Lou and her BEARPAW Friends story!

The BEARPAW community is huge and represented all over the world. Through archery, we continue to meet great people whose extraordinary stories make our BEARPAW Community even more unique. Today we introduce you to our newest BEARPAW Friend: Lou (21) from beautiful France. Welcome to the BEARPAW Community!

Who is behind our BEARPAW Friend Lou?

Lou is 21 years old and comes from Vercors, a mountain range bordered by deep valleys in the far west of the French Alps. There she grew up on a farm - which is also where her strong connection to nature and animals comes from. As a ranger and riding instructor, she has turned this attachment into a profession. In addition to archery, Lou has many countless passions, including climbing, horseback riding, hiking, drawing, and photography. She has also become successful on Instagram as (@louve.vagabonde). Lou describes herself as unpredictable, wild and in her words simply "raw". "Nature comes naturally to me, I grew up with it. My parents taught me that without it we are nothing. A day without nature is a wasted day for me."

What was Lou's favorite outdoor experience?

Lou had a hard time deciding on this question, as she has had countless and adventurous moments in nature. One of her most impressive outdoor experiences was when she traveled 7,000 km across Canada by foot and hitchhiking. There she experienced incredible and unique encounters with people and animals, which have greatly influenced her development and she will never forget.

How did Lou get into archery?

One of the most interesting questions for us! At the age of ten, Lou received her first bow as a gift from her parents and was fascinated by this sport in nature from the very beginning. The technique and the shooting itself, she learned from her brother. Since then, archery has been an integral part of her life. The sport helps Lou to focus and at the same time provides natural relaxation after a busy day. Archery combines many aspects in her eyes: Strength, calmness and skill. In her everyday life, Lou goes shooting one to three times a week - and of course she loves to do it on her horse.

What tip does Lou give to beginners in archery?

"Never stick your elbow out! I've often ended my sessions with huge bruises." (laughs). For archery beginners, Lou recommends focusing on your own stance and technique in the beginning, even without taking off or shooting directly. "It's best to take plenty of time to then finish the shot correctly and successfully without bruising."

Lou's favorite products from BEARPAW

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You also want to tell your archery story?

Because we care so much about our community and want to learn more about your archery story, we want to get to know as many BEARPAW Friends as possible. Maybe you have some great tips and tricks you'd like to share with others? Or do you have a special archery experience that you would like to share with us and the community? Then contact us and write us an email: - We are looking forward to you! 

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