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At home with friends - Our first BEARPAW Friends Story

We love our wonderful BEARPAW community. Because you guys are so important to us, we thought: Why not stop by your home and find out your personal archery history? That's why we visited Lisa-Marie (26) at her home in Hirschau and went archery with her and her dog for a round.

A day with Lisa-Marie in Hirschau - How did it come about?

On Instagram we discover more and more great profiles and photography-savvy archery enthusiasts. Since many of our followers link us regularly on their pictures and videos, we can follow the great shots daily. This was also the case with Lisa-Marie. We are especially interested in the personal story behind archery. How did she get into archery? What does she particularly enjoy? We asked Lisa-Marie this and many other questions. Her dog Yoomee accompanied us on our outing.

Lisa-Marie's story

At home in the beautiful garden of Lisa-Marie and her partner Flo we are warmly welcomed. After a round in the woods with Lisa-Marie's Slick Stick and our camera, we ask her about her archery story. Lisa-Marie tells us that she approached it quite openly and had her first experience with archery on the course in Hirschau. Together with friends, she simply got started, true to the motto: learning by doing. Meanwhile, it is her balance in nature to the hectic everyday life: "For me, the sport means to simply find peace, to concentrate - also gladly alone". Learn more about our day with Lisa-Maria and her story in our YouTube video "BEARPAW Friends | Episode 1: Lisa Marie".

Want to share your story too?

Because we care about our community and want to learn more about your archery story, we want to get to know as many BEARPAW Friends as possible. Maybe you have some great tips and tricks you'd like to share with others? Or do you have a special archery experience that you would like to share with us and the community? Then get in touch with us and send us an email: - We look forward to hearing from you!


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