This is Linda

Das ist Linda

Occupation: Pediatric nurse at a busy big city children's hospital

Introduction: Hello, I'm Linda, working in a bustling big city children's hospital. Despite the rewarding nature of my profession, I always felt like there was something missing in my life, a connection to nature that I longed for. That's when my journey into archery began, approximately four years ago. It turned out to be a life-changing decision, providing me with a profound connection to the natural world and helping me discover more about myself.

Archery journey: My foray into archery began when I purchased my first bow and ventured out for a trail shoot. The experience was nothing short of addicting. Archery not only offered me the nature connection I craved but also served as a means of self-discovery and improvement. In my quest to master this ancient skill, I started documenting my journey by filming other archers to learn their techniques. This led to recording my own practice sessions to refine my form and identify areas for improvement.

Sharing my passion: As I continued to document my archery journey, my friends and family became increasingly curious about the sport. I found immense joy in discussing how archery can bring both happiness and personal growth. It dawned on me that many people were unaware of the world of field and 3D archery, often overshadowed by Olympic target archery seen on TV. With some hesitation, I decided to make my Instagram channel public, sharing my archery adventures and the valuable lessons I've learned along the way. This decision opened doors to connect with fellow archery enthusiasts and even collaborate with some of my favorite archery brands. It's heartwarming to know that my journey has inspired others to take up archery.

Why BEARPAW PRODUCTS: I'm proud to collaborate with BEARPAW PRODUCTS because of their unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability in their products. Their designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also versatile, effortlessly complementing any archer's style. BEARPAW's dedication to making archery easy and accessible to everyone aligns perfectly with my own mission of introducing this wonderful sport to as many people as possible.

What sets BEARPAW apart: What makes BEARPAW truly special in the archery market is their emphasis on fostering passion for archery. They go beyond just selling products; they provide invaluable educational content, making the sport approachable, especially for beginners like me. Their dedication to nurturing a love for archery in people of all ages sets them apart from the rest.

Favorite BEARPAW products: While I've had the pleasure of trying out several BEARPAW products, including arrows, a glove, and an armguard, I must say that the arrow components have impressed me the most. Each component, from the nocks to the inserts, is crafted from exceptional materials and undergoes rigorous quality checks. Small details like the BEARPAW embossing on the nocks add an extra touch of excellence. I eagerly look forward to exploring more BEARPAW products, including targets and bows, in the near future.


In summary, archery has not only connected me to nature but also allowed me to connect with others who share my passion. Collaborating with BEARPAW, a brand that shares my values and commitment to archery, has been a truly rewarding experience, and I'm excited to continue this journey of growth and discovery in the world of archery.

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