The Dominant Eye in Archery: A Comprehensive Guide

Das Dominante Auge im Bogensport: Eine Umfassende Anleitung

Have you ever heard of the "dominant eye" and want to determine which eye is "stronger" for you? Here are the basics:

The Dominant Eye – What is it?

Your dominant eye is the eye that provides slightly more information to your brain and gives more precise indications of where objects are located. This designation assumes a "normal" visual condition where both eyes work well together. Your eyes may have approximately the same visual acuity, but one of them is the "leading" or preferred eye.

The Path to Successful Archery: Focus on the Dominant Eye

In archery, understanding the dominant eye plays a crucial role in maximizing precision and success. The dominant eye takes the lead in seeing and thus influences the alignment of the bow. Here are some tips and a simple exercise to determine the dominant eye:

Dominant Eye Test

Here is a simple way to find out which eye leads for you:

1. Extend your arms in front of you and create a gap by forming a triangle with your hands at a 45-degree angle using your thumb and index finger.

2. Focus on a distant object, such as a wall clock or a doorknob, with your eyes open, centering this triangle on it.

3. Then close your left eye.

  • If the object is still centered, your right eye (the open eye) is the leading one.
  • If the object is no longer framed by your hands, your left eye is the leading one.

(Source: Heiting, 2020)

Another simple test for the dominant eye:

1. Extend one arm and position the thumb OR index finger of that hand in an upright position.

2. With both eyes open, focus on a distant object and place your thumb on it. It does not matter if it appears that your finger partially disappears – that is normal.

3. Alternately close each eye. The eye that keeps your thumb directly in front of the object while the other eye is closed is your dominant eye. Both tests are known as "vision tests" as they simulate aligning a target with an improvised aiming device, similar to the sight on a rifle barrel.

Why is the dominant eye important?

Understanding the dominant eye is crucial for choosing hand dominance in archery. Precise alignment by considering the dominant eye can make the difference between hits and misses.

*Heiting, G., OD. (2020, 1. September). *Test des dominanten Auges: Wie Sie Ihr dominantes Auge finden*. All About Vision.
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