Do it yourself - How do I build my own arrow?

Eigene Pfeile bauen? So funktionierts!

Do it yourself - How do I build my own arrow?

Building your own and individual arrows is super fun - just like the motto: Do it yourself! BEARPAW would like to show you what equipment you need and how you can start building arrows.

What equipment do you need to build arrows?

To get your arrows ready to shoot, you will need a few utensils. We provide you with a checklist here:

Equipment for building carbon arrows:

Excurs: The Cock Feather is the feather which is attached to the arrow at a right-angle to the nock and normally is a different color or pattern than the other two feathers. The Cock Feather is your indication that you have nocked the arrow correctly on your string. The Cock Feather must be attached to the arrow in such a way that when the arrow is nocked, the Cock Feather is on the opposite side of the sight window. There is also a “indicator” on the nock which is a small notch that runs parallel with the Cock Feather which allows you to “feel” that the arrow has been nocked correctly. The Cock Feather positioning ensures that your arrow has as little contact as possible with the bow during your shot, thus the arrow is influenced as little as possible.

The utensils Inserts, wire brush, sandpaper, cotton swabs and alcohol for cleaning you need only because you work with the material carbon. But if you want to build wooden arrows, the list looks a little different. Here you need:

Equipment for building wooden arrows:

How to do it:

The video tutorial from BEARPAW In our YouTube tutorial, Tim and Phil from the BEARPAW team show you how to build a carbon arrow. You can watch the video here. In one of our upcoming blogposts we will also explain how to build a wooden arrow.

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