The Fascination of Horse Bows

Faszination Reiterbogen

Our Horse bows! Even without a horse insanely fast!

The Horse bow is one of the most original bows in traditional archery. At that time it was used by horse riders during hunting or fighting on horseback. The horse bow is also known as the Mongolian bow, as it was developed and used by the Mongols in the 13th century. But also in Hungary shooting from horseback has a great tradition and can look back on a long history. Today, Hungary can confidently be described as the forge of horse bows and bears witness to its great history in many places.

Characteristic of horse bows are their short length and their strong recurve. Traditionally, they are made of wood and horn. The strong recurve and the short grip allow, despite its compact size, long draws length of over 30". Usually, horse bows are shot over the back of the hand and with thumb technique. However, Bodnik Bows has further developed some models such as the Horseman, Ghost or Firestick based on horse bows and equipped them with a shelf. These extremely efficient and short bows can be shot in a classic Mediterranean style with a finger release.

Horse bows are an interesting and fascinating part of traditional archery with a rich history behind them. So if you are looking for archery in its most original form, our horse bows or the short Bodnik Bows are just right for you!

We at BEARPAW have further developed our horse bows. All have a fiberglass core covered with leather as a base. This makes them very robust and achieves the highest arrow speeds.

The Scythian horse bow is an inexpensive version of our high-quality horse bows. This bow is built entirely of fiberglass and covered with high-quality leather. It is ideal for children, teenagers and people with smaller draw lengths. It has a length of 50" and is shot at a braceheight of 6 inches.

The Mongolian horse bow is also made of fiberglass core, has a powerful bow shape and is made by a master of his craft. The 56" short bow amazes with its extremely dynamic and soft draw behavior. It is shot with a braceheight of 8 inches.

Last but not least, the Hungarian horse bow. It also uses a glass fibre core as a basis. In addition, its grip is still sheathed with horn. The bow is 54" long and is shot with a brace height of 7 1/2".

Our short Bodnik Bows:

Our Horseman is a short aesthete in the design of a rider's bow. The bow length of 52 inches guarantees a soft and comfortable draw behavior up to 31 inches. The dark middle section is made of heavy Ipe to achieve maximum shooting comfort. To make the middle part perfect, Bodnik Bows wraps the beautiful wooden middle part with a comfortable leather handle. The bamboo limbs are rounded off with a noble apple veneer. This creates an elegant and simple aesthete as a horse bow. Due to the integrated shelf, the Horseman is suitable for many types of archery and can therefore also be shot in a classic mediterranean way.

The Ghost is a bow to fall in love with! The short and extremely soft recurve can be easily drawn up to 30 inches and impresses with its special look. The limbs are covered with beautiful curly birch SR. The middle part is made of solid black Mycarta to give the Ghost stability and calmness.

And just like our Ghost, the Fire Stick can be easily drawn as an extremely soft recurve up to 30 inches. By combining a black middle section with red limbs, the Fire Stick impresses not only with its technical values but also with its exclusive look! The limbs are covered with beautiful Tineo. The middle part is made of solid black Mycarta to give the Fire Stick stability and shooting calmness. This bow is something for bow lovers!

Would you like to see even more horseback archery? Have a look here on Youtube.

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