Ziele im Bogensport

Ziele im Bogensport

From Arrow Catcher to Target - an overview of targets in archery.

Target, 3D animal and Co. - the variety of targets in archery is large. But which targets are there classically and when can I use which one? What is an arrow catch and what is it used for? We would like to answer all these questions in our current blog post.

The most common targets and their use

  • The target - the classic
    The target is the most classic form of targets. It is suitable for those who want to train. With the help of the target, long distances can be shot, so that one's own standard can be improved bit by bit.
    - Further distances can be easily achieved with a large target
    - Large area
    - Perfect to focus on one's shooting technique or arrow tuning

    - Difficult to transport
    - A lot of space needed
    - Backstop netting in the background is needed


  • The 3D animal - the traditional target
    The 3D animal is the target of choice in traditional archery. Meanwhile, there is a very large selection of different brands and animals here, which gives you a variety and makes the trip on the parcours very exciting.

    - Authentically fits into the image of traditional archery in the parcours
    - Large variety of animals from small to large
    - High fun factor

    - Usually have to be firmly anchored in the ground and are therefore rather not portable
    - Scoring zones not always clear
    Excursus on scoring zones: The scoring zones of a 3D animal describe the hit area on the target. It is possible to hit any body part of the 3D animal or the so called "Kill" or "Center Kill". The kill zone on the 3D animal refers to the vital area of the animal, which would cause the animal to succumb in the event of a hunt.
    - Rather high priced targets

    - Mostly an backstop netting is also needed


  • Arrow Catcher - the target for home fun
    Arrow catchers
    or shooting cubes are targets that combine many advantages. They are movable and handy, have a high fun factor and a very good price-performance ratio. Therefore, these targets are especially suitable for fun in your own backyard or even on vacation.

    - Easy to set up and transport
    - Relatively large target area
    - By shooting in the direction of the ground, the lawn forms a natural backstop netting
    - Price-performance ratio

    - Due to their flexibility, they do not always have a firm footing (e.g. strong wind or uneven ground)
    - Limited weather resistance


What actually is an backstop netting and what is it used for?
The backstop netting is essential for the protection of the environment in archery. It is about building a protective curtain behind certain targets, so that the arrow is safely intercepted in case of "non-hitting". Especially in public areas, but also at home, it must be ensured that passing arrows are not a danger. Therefore you will find our backstop netting on every parcours. These are of course also available for archery at home.

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