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Which quiver model suits me best?

To ensure that your arrows are always within reach, you should always keep them close to your body. For this purpose, there is the so-called quiver in archery. At BEARPAW you will find a large selection of different quiver models. But which model and which storage option suits you best? In this blog post we give you an overview of the different models and their advantages and disadvantages.

Back quiver

The back quiver is the most common quiver model. As the name suggests, this is worn on the back - either over the shoulder or directly on the back, like a backpack. A back quiver is very suitable for training on parcours.

Benefits back quiver

  • Comfortable to carry, arm freedom
  • Transport of many arrows
  • Quick to put on and take off


Disadvantages back quiver

  • Arrows difficult to grasp
  • No sighting of the arrows
  • Rattling of the arrows when carrying


Side quiver

The side quiver has its origin in Olympic archery. It is attached to the belt with a clip (or to the waistband). Due to the sewn-on pockets, the side quiver offers you a lot of space. It is very suitable for training for beginners as well as for advanced archers.

Benefits side quiver

  • Plenty of space for accessories
  • Arrows can be sorted
  • Arrows quickly at hand


Disadvantages side quivers

  • Often very large and therefore heavy
  • Limited freedom of movement


Hip quiver

The hip quiver is attached to the belt similar to the side quiver. However, it is much shorter and the arrows point to the back. This quiver model also has sewn-on pockets and therefore offers space for additional accessories (e.g. spare bowstring, bowstring wax, ...). Hip quivers are mainly used by advanced and experienced archers for training.

Benefits Hip Quivers

  • Very handy in parcours
  • Arrows firmly in the quiver and therefore no rattling of the arrows
  • Easy to put on and take off


Disadvantages Hip Quiver

  • Arrows difficult to reach


Pocket quiver

The pocket quiver is a small and handy quiver to put in the back pocket and therefore rather suitable for few arrows. Besides training, it can also be used very well for spontaneous trips where you want to carry as little as possible. You will find a BEARPAW pocket quiver in our assortment soon - be curious and subscribe to our newsletter not to miss it.

Benefits pocket quiver

  • No rattling of the arrows when carrying
  • Easy to put on and take off


Disadvantages pocket quiver

  • Arrows difficult to reach
  • Suitable for few arrows (max. 6-8 arrows)


Bow quiver

A bow quiver is a device directly on the bow. The arrows are quickly at hand and the additional weight brings positive shooting characteristics. Besides advanced or professional archers, the quiver is also used for bow hunting.

Benefits bow quiver

  • Arrows quickly within reach
  • No rattling of the arrows when carrying
  • Weight stabilizes the bow
  • Supports the natural tilting movement of archers


Disadvantages bow quiver

  • Time-consuming putting on and taking off
  • High weight can lead to faster fatigue
  • Max. 5-6 arrows


Want to start archery and don't know what equipment you need? We have put together a checklist for beginners in archery here. You still have questions and want individual advice? Then call us at +49 (0) 9565 61688 0 or send us an e-mail at info@bearpaw-products.com. We are happy to advise you individually and can respond to your personal wishes and needs.

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