The new Penthalon Omaha

Der neue Penthalon Omaha

May we introduce? The new Penthalon Omaha bow from the Premium Line

With our Penthalon Chapman and the Penthalon Creed we have already successfully opened the Penthalon Premium Line. Many of our customers were enthusiastic and wished for another bow. Now we can finally introduce the newest member of the line - the Penthalon Omaha.

What is behind the new Penthalon Omaha bow?

The longbow with a length of 68 inches convinces not only with its high performance but also with its timeless and high-quality design. You will find a deep locator grip and rounded shelves on the Penthalon Omaha - so the longbow is very easy to grip. Our Penthalon Omaha is available in draw weights between 25-55 inches (5 increments).

What materials are used in the Penthalon Omaha?

The riser is made of the special wood "Amazakoué/Ovangkol". Furthermore, you will also find a classic of ours - the Mycarta strips. The limbs of the Penthalon Omaha are made of maple and BEARPAW Powerglas. The tips are also made of Mycarta, so you can use any modern string material. Matching strings can be found in our shop.

The new premium bow in test

Our team member Philipp has tested the newest addition to the Penthalon Premium Line and is convinced. You can watch the video with the results of the test on our YouTube channel.

Fact check and product information:

  • Bow length: 68 inches Draw weight: 25-55 lbs in 5 lbs increments
  • Riser: Amazakoué/Ovangkol with maple and mycarta stripes
  • Limbs: maple with BEARPAW Powerglass Pure Black
  • Tips: G10
  • Grip: Locator
  • String: Whisper String (or any other high performance string)
  • Brace height: 7 inches
  • Warranty: The bow is covered under warranty for 2 years in case of breakage and de-lamination. Here you can find all details about the Penthalon warranty.

Conclusion: The Penthalon Omaha has a nice slim design, a very smooth draw so the arrows come out well and yet has quite a bit of speed behind it. Hand shock is also minimal for a bow of this class, which is very pleasant. You are convinced? Order your first Penthalon Omaha bows here. The BEARPAW team is looking forward to your feedback and comments.

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