Penthalon & Bodnik Bows

Penthalon & Bodnik Bows

Penthalon or Bodnik Bow - which bow suits me better?

In the BEARPAW online shop you will find two different brands of bows: Penthalon and Bodnik Bows. In this blog post, we'll give you an insight into what features the two brands offer and which one is best for you.

Penthalon - The brand for beginners in archery

Penthalon bows not only offer great value for money, but also excellent performance. The Penthalon brand stands for quality and performance at a very good price and has therefore established itself in archery worldwide. With every single bow from Penthalon we pay attention to a careful selection of materials, an appealing design and always pursue the goal of bringing unique bows with a high fun factor to the market.

Is a Penthalon brand bow right for me?

Anyone who is starting out with archery and wants to try it out is always right with a Penthalon bow. Especially at the beginning, our Take Down Bows Hero and Mohican are the absolute best seller. But also for advanced archers a Penthalon bow is a highlight and an essential part of the BEARPAW community. You are a beginner? Then we recommend you our complete beginner set with the Penthalon Hero bow.

Bodnik Bows - real handwork from archers for archers

The Bodnik Bows brand has become an indispensable part of archery worldwide. Our Bodnik Bows stand for performance, quality and guarantee. You can count on smooth shooting, a flat trajectory and a soft draw. This unique feature makes a Bodnik Bows a magnet for many archers. Due to the convincing and reliable work, you will receive a warranty of 30 years with every purchase of a bow of the brand Bodnik Bows in our BEARPAW online store. Details about the warranty you can read here.

Is a bow of the brand Bodnik Bows the right one for me?

You are into real handwork and first-class quality? For the passionate and advanced archer Bodnik Bows is the right choice! But also for beginners who want to invest in a higher priced bow right at the beginning, Bodnik Bows can be the right choice. Curious? Then take a look at our online shop and let yourself be inspired by our selection of Bodnik Bows - you will surely find the perfect bow for you.

You still have questions?

Then we are happy to advise you individually directly on the phone at +49 (0) 9565 616 88 0 or by e-mail at You can also find more information on our social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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