Explore Excellence: Penthalon A/C/C Shafts

Entdecke die Exzellenz: Penthalon A/C/C Schäfte

A shaft for those who mean business.

The world of archery has a new champion: the Penthalon A/C/C Shafts by BEARPAW PRODUCTS. These exceptional shafts were not only designed to set standards but have also been tested and recommended by a true master of the sport – Jürgen Matschl, the IFAA/WFAC World Champion of 2022.

Precision Perfected

Every arrow needs a sturdy core, and the Penthalon A/C/C Performance provides just that. With a careful combination of carbon and a robust aluminum core, this shaft has not only turned heads in the past but remains a true eye-catcher today. The aluminum ensures durability and resilience, while the carbon imparts the necessary lightness. This harmonious combination guarantees the highest precision, making it stand out among archers.

Technical Brilliance

The Penthalon A/C/C Performance shaft impresses not only with its elegant design but also with its technical brilliance. With a minimal weight deviation of only ± 0.5 grains and an impressive straightness of ± 0.0015 inches, this shaft sets new standards. This precision is crucial not only for professionals but also for beginners looking to enhance their skills.

World Champion's Endorsement

What truly sets this arrow shaft apart is the endorsement of Jürgen Matschl, the IFAA/WFAC World Champion of 2022. His experience at the highest level in archery makes his support a seal of approval for the quality and performance of Penthalon A/C/C shafts. His trust in these shafts underscores their ability to meet even the most demanding requirements.

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Conclusion: The Choice of Champions

The Penthalon A/C/C Shafts by BEARPAW PRODUCTS are not just a product; they represent a decision for excellence in archery. Whether you are an experienced professional or an aspiring beginner, these shafts will exceed your expectations. Trust in the precision of a world champion and discover the peak performance that the Penthalon A/C/C Performance shaft offers – a shaft for those who mean business.

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