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Die DOA Stiftung & Collection

The BEARPAW DOA Collection - What was that again?

On Instagram and also in the BEARAW online shop you have probably often read about the DOA Foundation or our DOA Collection. But many of you may not even know what's behind it. True to Walter Fisch's motto "Do good and talk about it", this blog post is dedicated to a topic that is particularly important to us.

What is the DOA Collection?

The BEARPAW team has entered into a cooperation with the start-up Buckle & Seam from Berlin to dedicate the proceeds of the products from it to the DOA Foundation. Of the total revenue generated by the DOA Collection, 3% will go directly to the foundation's donation account. The DOA Foundation uses these donations for actions to make the world a better place for children and young people. By buying a product from the DOA Collections you can also contribute a part.

What does the DOA Foundation do?

The DOA Foundation is concerned with children and young people who have lost faith in themselves. Because Tim and the entire BEARPAW team believe that everyone has the strength and ability to live a free and self-determined life. For this reason, the foundation participates monetarily in campaigns or sets up measures itself in order to fulfill this purpose. Current news and which projects are currently supported by the DOA Foundation, you can read here.

What does the DOA Foundation have to do with BEARPAW?

Tim Beier, the CEO of BEARPAW is also the inventor and founder of the DOA Foundation. At only 27 years of age, he not only bought the BEARPAW company, but also created the foundation full of heart and soul. Since then, it has been an important part - for Tim and the entire BEARPAW team.

What does "DOA" mean?

The name of the DOA Foundation is clearly linked to the people who instilled in Tim the values of responsibility, commitment, steadfastness and the principle of "give and take": his mother Dorothea, his grandpa Oskar and his grandma Annelotte. The initials of these people, who had a special influence on him, have become DOA. The product names from the DOA Collection are also no coincidence, but dedicated to special people. Check out all the products here and learn more about the story behind them. We appreciate your support!


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