BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM - simply explained!

A milestone at BEARPAW in 2020 was the BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM. However, for new fans or even archers, it is not that easy to understand the product line. In this blog post, we'll explain to you what's behind this system.


The BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM (BLS) is a closed take down system. In the BLS you can choose from a variety of risers and limbs. So you have everything you need for your take down bow. Your advantage is that you not only find a standard take down bow, but you can customize it according to your personal ideas. For your individual Take Down bow the following risers are available:

Each riser is available in different woods, so there is something for everyone. The limbs are also available in different versions:


According to your choice you can choose your desired draw weight.

Formerly Mohawk and now BLS - where is the connection?

The former products were and are known as "Mohawk 13 inch or 17 inch". Accordingly, the riser from the BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM can be found in the online store under the name "Mohawk risers". What is the benefit for you? You can combine the risers of the Mohawk series with the new BLS. Furthermore, the limbs of the Mohawk series can also be combined with the new BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM risers. There is one small exception: The Big Bear has been redesigned with the BLS, so it is only compatible with the current BLS products.

How long do I have to wait for the products?

If you have chosen the BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM (BLS), you can count on the following: Quality and Variety. Our risers are usually available in our BEARPAW online store. Due to high demand, the risers may have a longer waiting time. With our BEARPAW Limbs, each piece is carefully handcrafted. To meet the quality standards, your BEARPAW Limbs usually take 10-12 weeks to arrive at your home. The long wait is worth it, because you get a bow that was built just for you.

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