AMO length: What does that mean?

AMO Länge: Was heißt das eigentlich?

AMO: What's behind it

The term "AMO Standard" refers to the standards and specifications set for arrows in terms of their length and weight. AMO stands for "Archery Manufacturers Organization", an organization that deals with bow and arrow manufacturing. The AMO standard was developed to provide consistency and comparability in the archery world.

Where does AMO come in?

The AMO standard establishes the following specifications for arrows:

Arrow Length: The total length of the arrow is measured from the back end of the nock (where the arrow meets the string) to the front edge of the arrow shaft - not including the tip or insert. AMO arrow length is measured in inches.

Arrow Weight: The total weight of the arrow, including the tip, is measured in grains (a unit of weight). One grain is equal to approximately 0.0648 grams. The AMO standard also includes recommendations for the minimum weight of arrows to ensure that they can be safely fired from a bow.

If you are going to buy arrows or you are getting into archery, you should make sure that your arrows meet the AMO standards to ensure safe and effective use.

We use the AMO standard

At BEARPAW PRODUCTS your arrows will always be issued according to the AMO standard. Please note that especially when customizing your arrows (e.g. customer arrows or shortening arrows). Please note that the different nock types vary in length. We use the cams selected by you or matching when cutting the shafts.

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