A small step with a big impact!

Ein kleiner Schritt mit großem Impact!

A small step with a big impact!

Conventional target nails have somehow always been a thorn in our side.

Because if one is lost or even hit by an arrow, its individual parts are spread in nature. Of course, each of us has seen the remains of old target rests and the associated nails lying on the ground in the area of the target. Wherever we see remains that do not belong in nature, we naturally collect them, but in wind and weather it cannot be ruled out that something is left lying here in nature.

Therefore, it was a matter of the heart for us to take this long overdue, albeit small step and develop an ecologically degradable alternative to conventional target nails. Incidentally, this makes us one of the pioneers in the market. And yet, after our sustainable target faces, it was a matter of concern for us to consistently pursue this path. (By the way, you can read more about the sustainable target faces HERE).

Three good reasons to use our new wooden target nail from now on.

Our wooden target nail has several advantages: The most important is for sure that if it should ever fall out of the target or get hit, its individual parts that fall on the ground can simply rot in nature and thus no toxic plastic waste ends up in nature.

We also made sure to have the target nail produced here in Germany and even in the region by Bearpaw Headquarters, so that the transport distances are kept as short as possible. By the way, it is laser-cut from solid birch boards, which are also produced from local timber.

Finally, design and functionality were particularly important to us. Due to its design, the wooden target nail sits firmly in the target with its small barbs. It fixes the target face securely and on top of that it just looks great and natural.

At Bearpaw, we want to continue to be pioneers when it comes to developing sustainable archery products. Do you have another idea to make archery products more sustainable? Here you can find a little productintroduction.

Then write us constructive feedback and your ideas anytime! marketing@bearpaw-products.com

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