Dura Targets

Dura Targets

So you can hit the target

The pursuit of perfection is a signature of every archer. We understand this passion and have decided to support it with our brand-new DURA Targets - the ultimate companion for your training.

The essence of DURA Targets: quality and price in perfect harmony

We are proud to present you our new DURA Targets. These targets are the result of meticulous planning and high quality material selection. We know that a target is not just a target, but a companion in your training. Therefore, we have created a product that combines quality and a smart price-performance ratio in an ideal way.

DURA Target ProLine: Durability takes center stage

For those who are dedicated to archery, we have developed the DURA Target ProLine. This target is not only durable, but also innovative. The heart of the ProLine is the unique interchangeable center. This innovative feature makes it possible to replace the target's much-shot center, extending the life of the entire target.

No compromise on quality - that's our promise.

DURA Target StarterLine: Quality for every archer.

We know that every archer's journey is unique. That's why we created the DURA Target StarterLine - a target that's right for every archer. Whether you're just starting out or you're already an experienced pro, the StarterLine provides you with a reliable and safe target. The quality of these targets is unmatched, and best of all, they are available at an affordable price.

Quality that inspires confidence

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality. We know how important it is to have a target you can rely on. Our DURA Targets not only provide reliable stopping power for all arrows, but also the assurance that your investment will last.

The path to perfection begins with DURA Targets

Every arrow you shoot, every shot, brings you closer to your training goal. Our DURA Targets are here to guide you on that journey. We pride ourselves on giving archers of all levels the tools they need to perfect their skills.

Available from September: Get ready for the next level

The wait is almost over. You can pre-order DURA Targets right now, and starting from September, all products will be delivered to you. Whether you choose the innovative ProLine or the versatile StarterLine, one thing is for sure: you will feel the quality and attention to detail that has gone into every target.

With DURA Targets, you'll be well equipped to take your archery journey to a new level.

Order now.

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