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Welcome: Buckle & Seam.

What happend this year?

About three years ago, we got to know and love the brand Buckle & Seam. Thanks to the realization of our great leather collection for archery, a real partnership was born for both brands. We believe that hidden potentials are always waiting to be discovered. The BEARPAW team was able to assist and support Buckle & Seam through a challenging time over the past few months. We did everything we could to support the brand and develop potential out of a difficult time. After a challenging period, we are happy to be the new home for Buckle & Seam and continue the story together with BEARPAW.

How does the acquisition of Buckle & Seam help us?

The goal of our collection was to offer all archery enthusiasts worldwide something that is sustainable and unique in terms of quality, product design and local working conditions. Working with our partner at the time, Buckle & Seam, we achieved this goal after about 1.5 years of work. The result is leather and textile products that stand out from the market:

  • B-Corp and BSCI certified production
  • REACH compliant materials
  • Fair working conditions on site
  • Topquality due to 100% handwork by selected experts
  • Uniform fits throughout the collection
  • Selected materials & products for specific uses

To ensure that this unique collection can become a new and lasting standard from the BEARPAW PRODUCTS brand, we took this step and made the acquisition possible with the greatest effort for archery.

The whole story

A bag named "Albert" was the beginning of the story between BEARPAW PRODUCTS and Buckle & Seam. The starting signal for a great partnership and the step into a new chapter. Watch our YouTube video with Tim to discover the whole story.

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