This happens at the BEARPAW Store

Das passiert im BEARPAW Store

Since the Corona pandemic, many people have been shopping for various products online, including archery products. The BEARPAW online shop is with you all the time, giving everyone the opportunity to order our great products quickly and easily - at any time. However, we are convinced that an exclusively online business cannot be the future. Relationships and partnerships are made among people, so our new store is the perfect way to get to know our archers better.

We are back since June 25, 2022! The grand opening was an excellent opportunity to meet you, share archery, and introduce our products. We have created a place where you can fully experience your unique sport. See what happened in the grand opening here.

What does the BEARPAW Store offer?

You can look forward to this at the official BEARPAW Store: seeing products, testing products, enjoying expert advice & shopping in a pleasant atmosphere.

A place located in the heart of Franconia attracts professional archers to beginners and the younger generation. Everyone tries out all the selected products and tests them in the indoor shooting range. Even though online shop offers many advantages, touching and testing the products and talking to experts is a different experience. You can take a look at BEARPAW store in this YouTube video.

What does the indoor shooting range offer?

The indoor shooting range is the store's centerpiece and offers the opportunity to try out the products immediately. In doing so, every archer can find out whether the product suits them. It's exciting to try a different bow than the one you're used to. It seems like a new challenge, doesn't it? Besides all the bows, our indoor shooting range has the advantage that you can also test various arrows and equipment (archery glove, armguard, quiver). Our indoor shooting range has a wide range of equipment that can be used on-site for free.

What is the positive point of the store for us?

For the BEARPAW team, meeting different archers who are interested and passionate about the sport is a great feeling. Meeting new people and doing archery together is always a chance to discover the hidden potential. After almost two years of the pandemic, this is a great time to find people with the same interest and help them find the best equipment.

Do you have a question?

Find our store or other ways to contact us here:

• BEARPAW Store: Hannebach 30, 96269 Rossach

• Call us anytime at +49 (0)956561688 0 or send us an email at

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