Sustainable Cooperation

Nachhaltige Kooperation

Sustainable Cooperation

We care about nature, and most importantly, our sport is directly affected by how our nature, especially our forests, are doing. Therefore, having sustainable clothes among all the other archery products is a must. BEARPAW PRODUCTS and THNKFL have cooperation to value nature. They have a mission to produce sustainable clothes with very high-quality standards to remind us once more we need to care about mother nature.

Who and what is behind it?

THNKFL is a social startup representing the value of gratitude globally. They want to bring people closer together through this value proposition and help shape a grateful future. They are firmly convinced: gratitude connects people. As a social business, half of the profits from all their products go directly to THNKFL's Gratitude Fund without any detours. Thus, they can support the social and humanitarian projects close to their hearts.

These clothes are manufactured in Europe for you. They are realized under very high-quality standards in Portugal and fair working conditions. The design of THNKFL products is "made in Germany" and was lovingly put together by THNKFL together with BEARPAW PRODUCTS. The materials used are constantly recycled and GOTS certified. You can find out more about GOTS certificate in this brochure.

Know more about T-shirts and Hoodies:

The unisex Hoodies and T-Shirts are what complete your archery look. Made with continuous quality controls and the working conditions of the fabric suppliers to the final quality control before customer shipment. It’s the right choice for having a fashionable look and protecting the environment at the same time.

Looking for the right size? Check out the size chart for hoodies and T-shirts here.

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