Partnership with Bodnik Bows

Partnerschaft mit Bodnik Bows


Shared History

The history of Bodnik Bows is as old as the history of BEARPAW PRODUCTS itself. Over the years, the Bodnik Bows brand has earned a spectacular reputation in the archery market. No bow brand combines performance, quality and attention to detail better than our Bodnik Bows. As BEARPAW PRODUCTS, we understand our mission is to provide all of our archery enthusiasts and dealers with access to such fantastic products.

When the new generation launched at BEARPAW PRODUCTS in 2019, many stones were turned over, but never the relationship with Bodnik Bows. That's why, from the beginning, we were deeply and honestly committed to retaining the Bodnik Bows brand and all its products and people. By combining both brands, we believe that we may be able to make a big difference for archery.

December 5, 2022

On December 5, 2022, both organizations signed a unique agreement that will allow both brands to take advantage of all synergies until at least 2034. With this signing, Bodnik Bows and BEARPAW PRODUCTS share competencies in the global market and continue to work together on an appreciative level. As the exclusive partner of BEARPAW PRODUCTS, Bodnik Bows will take over the complete product range and will develop new bows and improve successful models at a faster pace in 2023. On the other hand, BEARPAW PRODUCTS will exclusively take care of the entire customer service as well as the global trade. Be it serial products or specialized products for the retail trade. With this distribution of competences BEARPAW PRODUCTS succeeds in a real coup for archery, for Bodnik Bows and last but not least for our partners.

The importance of this long-term and thoughtful agreement is shown by how long it was considered and thought through. The agreement took nearly three years to reach.

Thoughts from Henry & Tim

Henry Bodnik, CEO Bodnik Bows, sees the exclusive agreement as a guarantee of success for the future:

"BEARPAW PRODUCTS and Bodnik Bows have worked together successfully for many years and have built a shared history. This history is at the same time a commitment to every archer and bowhunter in the world of traditional archery and also bowhunting. The exclusivity of Bodnik Bows for BEARPAW PRODUCTS is the logical step to connect the past and the future. I am sure that we have laid the foundation for a long lasting success story here in the present. This allows us at Bodnik Bows to focus on what we do best: Building fascinating traditional bows!

We build every Bodnik Bow by hand and have a great partner in BEARPAW PRODUCTS to provide the best possible service to all traditional archers and bowhunters."

For Tim, CEO BEARPAW PRODUCTS, the past three years of ups and downs are the beginning of a wonderful journey: "

I never had any doubt that our shared past is the cornerstone of an even brighter future for archery. It was clear to us at BEARPAW PRODUCTS that we could achieve even more synergy for this wonderful sport by aligning and tightening our competencies, decision-making guidelines and strategies. December 5, 2022 remains a wonderful Monday for me, when we finalized the exclusivity in a binding and future-oriented way for both parties. I will still be happy about it 25 years from now."

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