Ein Meilenstein: BEARPAW BOWS
Tim: "Do you remember? I asked you at the coffee machine 6 years ago if we wanted to make bows again."

Chris: "I think I said: Never!"

Tim: "And now we are doing it!"

Dear BEARPAW Community,

today is a day filled with joy and excitement because we have an exciting announcement for you. Over the past months, weeks, and days, we have tirelessly worked on a special project. It fills us with pride and joy to take you on this exciting journey today.

The decision to re-enter independent bow production was not made lightly. Over the years, we have observed specific models, desires, and demands from archers that have not been fully met. We have realized that a certain segment is missing in the archery market. We have delved into this intensively and decided to fill this gap.

With BEARPAW BOWS, we now offer exactly the models the market needs at the right time and in the right quality, alongside the popular Bodnik Bows and the proven Penthalon. We have carefully considered every detail to ensure that our bows meet the demands of archers of all skill levels.

Our analysis shows that it's not just about the availability of bows, but also about quality and value for money. Therefore, we are committed to offering bows that not only deliver outstanding performance but also come with a suitable price-performance ratio.

This year, look forward to 10 beautiful and powerful models, with a 30-year warranty, a good price-performance ratio, and the best quality.

Do you want to dive even deeper into the details and be one of the first to see these fabulous new bows? Then sign up here now!

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