A Behind-the-Scenes Look: Visit to Jürgen's State-of-the-Art Archery Hall

Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen: Besuch bei Jürgen in seiner hochmodernen Bogensporthalle

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting Jürgen in his impressive archery hall located in the Kulturfabrik Cortendorf. Situated on the grounds of the former Grießbach porcelain factory, the hall is not only beautifully designed but also equipped with the latest technology. The purpose of my visit was a planned video shoot where Jürgen has been testing our A/C/C shafts for weeks.

Overview of the Hall

Covering approximately 200 square meters, Jürgen's archery hall features four shooting lanes aligned with the standards of IFAA, DFBV, DBSV, and WA. With a hall distance of 18 meters, the hall provides ideal conditions for free training, introductory courses, and events.

Diverse Offerings for Archers

The hall is a true paradise for archers looking to enhance their technique or prepare for the indoor season. In addition to open training sessions and introductory courses, video analyses are also offered for support. The professional equipment and structured environment allow for precise evaluations and improvements to individual shooting techniques.

Introductory Sessions for Enthusiasts

For those eager to explore the fascinating sport of archery, Jürgen offers supervised introductory sessions. Beginners receive a comprehensive introduction and the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Appointments can be scheduled via email at BarebowFactory@t-online.de

Hall Rental for Courses and Events

Jürgen's archery hall is not exclusive to him and can be rented for courses and events within the field of archery, following prior scheduling. Course organizers seeking a unique venue can reach out to Jürgen via email at BarebowFactory@t-online.de

Technical Requirements

All bows up to a maximum of 60 lbs are allowed in Jürgen's hall, with crossbows not permitted for safety reasons. These clear rules ensure the safety of all visitors and create a pleasant atmosphere for archery training.

Video Analyses: The Key to Perfection

The archery hall not only provides the opportunity for on-site technique improvement but also incorporates modern technology. Video analyses play a central role in identifying and correcting minor errors in the shooting process. Using the specialized program Kinovea, shooting sequences are filmed from various perspectives and then thoroughly analyzed. Kinovea allows for capturing, slowing down, comparing, commenting, and measuring movements in videos, enabling precise error diagnosis and correction.

Conclusion: A Top-Class Archery Hall

Jürgen's archery hall in the Kulturfabrik Cortendorf is not just a training space but a hub for enthusiasm and progress in archery. The combination of cutting-edge technology, professional training, and an inviting atmosphere makes this hall a gem for all archers. Whether you want to enhance your skills, discover the sport, or simply train in an outstanding environment, this is the perfect place for you. For more information, visit: https://thebarebowfactory.blogspot.com

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