Great things begin in small steps

Großes beginnt im Kleinen

There is always an opportunity for improvement. We have taken the potential of our target faces and changed them to make them better for the athletes and the environment.

What are the features of the target faces?

Our target faces have 250 GSM thick paper with foil lamination. The thicker paper and foil lamination provide longer durability, protection from weather and dirt, and clear colors for the motif. The target faces overlay will stay by your side longer - in good condition. All FITA target faces are also officially FITA compliant and meet the required characteristics. To take care of our environment and forests in small steps, our target faces are climate neutral.

You can learn even more details in our YouTube video with Tim. 

What does "climate neutral" mean?

Climate-neutral is companies, processes, and products whose CO2 emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognized climate protection projects. Offsetting CO2 emissions is essential in holistic climate protection, alongside avoidance and reduction. Greenhouse gases such as CO2 are distributed evenly in the atmosphere, so the greenhouse gas concentration is roughly the same everywhere on earth. Therefore, it is irrelevant for the global greenhouse gas concentration and the greenhouse effect at which location on earth emissions are caused or avoided. Climate protection projects elsewhere can offset emissions that cannot be avoided locally.

What does "climate neutral" mean for target faces?

The production method of BEARPAW PRODUCTS target faces aims to ensure that the products are more durable on the one hand and that various environmental projects are supported on the other. A durable product is in the spirit of sustainability. A durable product avoids producing new and short-lived products from time to time - so extending the life of products goes hand in hand with climate protection. We try, even if only in small steps, to make a contribution.

So far, we have compensated 1.482 kg Co²e. The progress of this can be seen transparently at any time:

You have an idea to make archery products more sustainable? We are always happy to receive constructive feedback and ideas:

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