The unwritten rules on the shooting range

Die ungeschriebenen Regeln auf dem Einschießplatz

The unwritten Rules on the shooting range.

On most courses, tournaments or trade fairs there is usually the possibility to warm up before shooting. These separated areas, in which the shooter can warm up, always follow the same structure, which is very important for safety. Nevertheless, the size and construction can sometimes be different, although the rules on the shooting range are always the same. However, some rules are not written down anywhere and yet every archer should know them. So that you are safe on the shooting range, you will find five of the most important rules here:    

1. Stay on your lane!  

Sure, archery should be fun first and foremost and yet this is a rule that is very important. Stay on your lane and don't get into the temptation to shoot queer. There are some reasons that speak against simply letting an arrow fly on the target of the neighbor. On one hand, you could get into your neighbor's line of fire with your bow if you don't point the bow straight at your target. Furthermore, you could endanger others on the side of the shooting range if you do not hit your target. Because most of the shooting ranges are designed in such a way that just behind the target there is enough run-out area for arrow flight. The last reason concerns your material. It is simply much gentler on the arrow if the arrows are all straight in the target. A cross impact can damage your or your neighbor's arrow.  

2. The last one shoots another last arrow.  

Especially beginners are still very focused on their shooting sequence and therefore like to forget what is happening around them. So it can quickly happen that you continue shooting comfortably, while the others are long finished and waiting for you at the shooting line. Of course, nobody should be put under pressure and even have to interrupt his shooting process, but out of consideration for his comrades-in-arms, you should only start to one shot if you are already the last one.  

3. Communicate before walking to the targets.  

Also important is a last eye contact or at least a short call that is "free" before you go to the targets together. Especially when younger shooters are there, it quickly happens that someone accidentally starts walking too early and thus puts himself in danger. Even if you are separated by several meters from the nearest shooter, you should pay attention to this rule.  

4. Keep your bow safe.  

Of course, it is more convenient to place your bow in the soft grass in front of the shooting line. So you know where you stood before and have the shortest way to your bow. Especially traditional archers, who often do not have a bow stand at hand, deposit their bow in this way. However, it is best to place your bow somewhere elevated, on a tree or in stands provided for this purpose. Stepping on your bow can make your favorite piece unusable forever.  

5. Pull only your own arrows.

Once at the target, you should first only pull your own arrows. Because your shooting neighbor may even take a close look at his hit picture and note his score. On the other hand, some shooters are also very peculiar when it comes to pulling their arrows. A short agreement about whether you can pull the arrows of your shooting neighbor helps to avoid misunderstandings.  

What tips would you give archery enthusiasts on the shooting range along the way?

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