Archery for Beginner

Bogenschießen für Anfänger

Archery for beginners - the checklist

You feel like trying something new and came across archery? For all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, archery is the perfect leisure activity, which is also very trendy. But what do you need for your archery adventure? BEARPAW gives you a checklist to get you started.

As a beginner, what equipment do I need for archery?

As with most sports, you'll need certain equipment to get started. In this short and concise checklist, we present everything you need and give you tips on what to look for as a beginner.

  • Bow and arrow
    Of course, you'll need a bow to start your first adventure. When choosing a bow as a beginner you should pay attention to a low draw weight. This is the strength of the bow, comparable to the ps in a car. We also recommend that you have your beginner bow delivered ready to use, then the string and nock point are already set correctly. You will also need some arrows. Arrows made of carbon are suitable for beginners. The advantage of a carbon is that it is light and extremely durable.
  • Protective equipment
    Would you ride a bike without wearing a helmet? Probably not. That's why a certain amount of protective equipment is also important in archery. Especially your arms should be protected accordingly when archery.

    - Armguard: This protects your arm, which holds the bow, from the string.
    - Archery glove: You put this on the hand with which you draw the bow.
  • Other Equipment
    - Quiver: For your arrows you need a suitable storage possibility, so that you always have them ready to hand. There are several options available to you, such as back or side quivers.

    - Targets: Of course, you shouldn't just shoot at it without a target! Choose a suitable target on which you can make your first attempts. We recommend our Dura Arrow Catcher.
    - Bow stringer: You need the bow stringer to properly string and unstring your bow. It's not so easy at first, so check out our YouTube video on how to do it.


How do I find the right equipment?

We don't want to make it unnecessarily complicated for you: In our online store you will find suitable beginner sets, which we have put together especially for beginners in archery. We explain the individual components of this basic equipment in our YouTubes: Set for adults, Set for kids. You need advice on choosing your first bow? We are happy to help you at any time. Just contact us by mail or phone: or +49 (0) 9565 616 88 0.

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