BEARPAW Einsteigersets

BEARPAW Einsteigersets

Perfectly equipped for archery with the beginner sets from BEARPAW

Archery is a popular hobby to everyday life and attracts more and more people. But how do I know what equipment I need as a beginner? In this blog post we will show you our BEARPAW beginner sets.

What products are included in our beginner sets?

Our beginner sets include a uniform set of equipment that will give you a great start to archery.

  • Our Penthalon Hero bow: Whether for children, teenagers or adults - our Penthalon Hero is the perfect beginner bow for everyone. With its successful combination of aesthetics and performance, it makes archery an unforgettable adventure. The powerful limbs can be shot with any standard high performance string. We recommend our BEARPAW Whisper String.


  • Carbon Arrow Slim Line with Natural Feathers: A carbon arrow is perfect for beginners because the material is durable, sturdy and has very easy handling due to its nature. We make sure that our arrows are made with a lot of care. After all, the arrow is one of the most important foundations for a successful and perfect shot. You can find a selection of carbon arrows here.


  • The BEARPAW archery glove Classic: Our archery glove Classic has become a real bestseller. Due to its very soft and high quality cowhide it has a pleasant wearing comfort and convinces by its simple design.


  • Our Dynamic armguard: Our Dynamic armguard focuses on easy handling and optimal protection. It consists of a Compressions GSM Spandex, whereby the arm protection Dynamic adapts perfectly to your forearm and protects it so guaranteed.


  • The BEARPAW Side Quiver Shorty: Our Side Quiver Shorty made of honey brown suede allows you to store your arrows on your waistband or belt and thus have them directly at hand. The clip makes it universal for right- and left-handed use.


  • Our BEARPAW bow stringer: The bow stringer made of nylon serves to prevent bows from being damaged during stringing. To prevent slipping on the limbs, the contact surface is covered with a rubberized surface. The BEARPAW bow stringer is slightly wider than the conventional bow stringer, giving you more control.


Which BEARPAW beginner set is best for me?

We have the ambition to offer each of our customers something suitable. Therefore you can find different beginner sets in our online shop. Here is a short overview:

Beginner Set Group of persons
Beginner Set Adults S Usually suitable for women
Beginner Set Adults M The perfect intermediate size between S and L
Beginner Set Adults L Usually suitable for men
Beginner Set Kids For children from about 6-10 years
Beginner Set Youth For teenagers from about 10-16 years
Beginner Set Kids Deluxe For children from about 6-10 years + home target
Beginner Set Youth Deluxe For teenagers from about 10-16 years + home target


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