Everything you need for archery

Alles was Du zum Bogenschießen brauchst
Archery for kids: what you need to know

I have my own bow, what else do I need?
To ensure that you are adequately protected during archery, you need other equipment in addition to the bow. This prevents you from injuring yourself during archery. There are various arm guards, gloves and quivers that should not be missing on your next visit to the archery course.

What archery equipment do children need?
First of all, you should get a good arm guard. The arm guard prevents you from hurting yourself when you snap back the string. A snapping back string can hurt quite a bit. Every archer who has ever shot without an armguard knows that. In our BEARPAW assortment we have an armguard for children, which is available in two colors: in brown and in black.

What is still missing? Right, a glove - because your fingers must also be well protected. If they are not, you can hurt yourself when taking out the bow. The glove selection for archery is very large. For the start of your archery career, we recommend a very classic model.

Arm and fingers are safe. Then we finally take care of bow and arrow! Here, you will also find everything your archery heart desires in our BEARPAW online store. The children's arrows are wooden arrows with a suction tip - so you can do archery without your parents having to worry about injuries. But where do you store your arrows? For this you need a suitable quiver. In our BEARPAW online store you will find our side quiver Kiddy, which was developed especially for children.

You can't do archery without a bow. You will find two different children's bow sets, one Little Sioux and one Little Mingo. Attention: You can choose between right-handed and left-handed options.

Which arrows do I need for shooting?
For the beginners in archery we recommend our carbon arrows, because they are much more resistant to damage. Here you can have a look at the arrows we have for children.

Archery equipment for children: We advise you!
You need more tips on equipment for children? We are happy to help you! You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4 pm. Follow us also on Instagram and Youtube. There we will keep you up to date on all the latest archery news.
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