Entdecke unsere BEARPAW COUNTRYS!


Especially now, when the weather is getting much milder and you can't wait to finally pick up your bow and have the best time of your life with your friends, you need a place where you can pursue these adventures.

With BEARPAW COUNTRY, we have been creating places where you can pursue this passion since 2020. A BEARPAW COUNTRY is not just a normal archery course, but it follows very special requirements to make archery in the great outdoors a special experience for you.

It starts with the course construction or the individual shooting situations, where we attach great importance to variety, fun but also authenticity. Thats why even experienced shooters will find a home here. It is important to us that your visit to the course is a unique experience and everything else but not boring.

We apply the highest standards when it comes to equipping our courses. For example, we have just added Leitold Targets as a second strong partner, in addition to Longlife Targets, to equip our courses with the best 3D animals available on the archery market.

Each course is also lovingly, albeit elaborately, run by people who put all their heart and soul into the course. Even beginners and inexperienced people have the chance to be instructed directly by experienced instructors and equipped with material on a BEARPAW COUNTRY course. If you haven't had the opportunity to gain experience on an archery course, this is the time!

What is an archery course actually?

An archery course is the heart of traditional archery. You could also say it is the venue where you can prove your skills. It follows a circuit-like structure, such as a golf course, only surrounded by forest and meadows.

At each of the usually around 30 stations you will find a new shooting situation. This consists of a firmly pre-grated launch point, the "peg" and, of course, the 3D target. Please familiarize yourself with the local course rules before each visit to a course, because shooting from the right peg is one of the most important rules to ensure the safety of everyone present. By the way, you can find 5 unwritten rules on the shooting range here. You can complete a round on an archery course on your own, if you want to clear your mind, or you can turn it into a small competition with a few good friends. In any case, a visit to a course is a great idea to spend an exciting and exciting day in nature.

How does a visit to a BEARPAW COUNTRY course work?

First, find the nearest BEARPAW COUNTRY near you in our locator. There are currently 12 BEARPAW COUNTRYs and our goal is to more than double the number this year. Therefore, check back regularly so that you don't miss any openings. BEARPAW COUNTRYs can be recognized from afar with their banners and flags. On site, the first point of contact should always be the registration point. Here you can get all the information you need on site, find contact persons and sometimes stock up on material.

You will also find the shooting range near the registration point, where you can shoot in. At the registration point you also pay for your day ticket, because one ticket is valid for the whole day! If you don't have any cash at hand, you can also conveniently purchase your ticket on site using a QR code, or you can get it in advance in our shop. Once that's done, you're ready to go!

On our Youtube channel we show you what a fun day on one of our courses can look like!

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